Dear Friend,

You are cordially invited to celebrate with us the first edition of BALKAN FILM MARKET that takes place in Tirana, 2 – 7 October, 2017.

The Albanian National Center of Cinematography launches the first edition of BALKAN FILM MARKET (BFM) that brings together audiovisual professionals from European and Western Balkan countries to share stories and forge cooperation in our rich and diverse region with yet untapped potential. European peers and institutions will also be present to provide support for the initiative.

This unique event is organized within the frame of activities marking the 20th anniversary of the Albanian National Center of Cinematography.
I would appreciate if you would see BFM as an event where you can promote your work and initiatives in front of all the attendees of the event, whose short description you will find below.

BFM will provide the logistics shall you desire to have a public presentation or
private one with selected members of BFM. A private screening hub will also be provided, for those who need such facilities in pitching their work to possible producers, distributors, sales agents etc.

Attending the BFM:
• Key public and private institutions of film and audiovisual industry from the Western
Balkans and European countries
• Representatives of the production companies most active in the Western Balkans
• The most active distributors from the Western Balkan countries and EU that are
interested in content originating from the region.
• The biggest public and private broadcasters operating in the Western Balkans.
• Representatives of the most influential training programs and workshops in the region
and Europe.
• Organizers and representatives of film festivals from the region.

Valuing your presence at BFM, please indicate us your interest in participating. We will do our best to make you feel welcome.



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