Albania aims to organize for the first time, a cinematographic event that will bring together European and Western Balkan audiovisual professionals in order to not only share Balkan and European audiovisual cultural diversity but common values, common cinematographic markets and provide opportunities to meet Western Balkans filmmakers and producers during a unique occasion.

The event coincides with the 20th anniversary of the creation of the Albanian National Center of Cinematography, which has funded and co-funded the production of 285 features, shorts, documentaries and animated films.

In the meantime, the event is being organized in the frame of the Albanian National Film Festival, an event that happens every 5 years in Albania, showcasing the cinematographic works produced and co-produced by the ANCC during the 4 past years and awarding the best of Albania’s Cinema.

The event will mark the institutionalization of the Balkan Film Fund, an initiative that will bring together almost all Western Balkans countries, in creating a unique Balkan Film Fund to further support the co-production and the distribution of the Balkan Cinema within the regional territory.

Meet with Balkan Cinema Centers: All the Western Balkans Film Centers are invited to attend the Balkan Film Market, not only as part of the Balkan Film Fund, but also as an active part of the event itself by offering the unique occasion for countries to develop during this event their country’s own competition for the minority fund co-productions. This initiative offers them a great opportunity to promote the institutions and their financial projects in a more larger scale than just through the minority co–production projects.

The Balkan Film Forum is the place where 6 projects will be financially supported by the common cinema fund between Albania and Italy. Balkan and European co – producers are invited to join these new six co-productions if they find them of their interest.

The event will serve as a toll for the selections of Balkan Cinematographic works that will join the next Balkan Focus during the Venice Film Festival in 2017.

The event will serve to meet Media Desks across the Western Balkans and share with them common concerns, get to know better the Creative Europe Programme from personalities invited by EACEA / media Sub programme.

Balkan Film Forum offers an excellent visibility tool for future projects that will compete profiting by the presence of almost all European and International institutions in the field of creative industry that shall be present in the event, including a large number of European production companies.